A 20-year partnership that grows and flourishes

Client: Blomsterlandet

Blomsterlandet and Iver have been developing their businesses, hand in hand, for over two decades now, to the benefit of both companies. Iver’s in-depth knowledge of Blomsterlandet means that they regard Iver as part of their business.

Blomsterlandet has 61 stores from the south to the north of Sweden, where the company has just opened its latest store in Örnsköldsvik. Blomsterlandet has a turnover of SEK 1.6 billion and around 1,500 employees, 120 or so of whom work at the head office in Gothenburg. 


The challenge 

In 1997, Iver helped Blomsterlandet with a Word add-on. That was the start of a partnership which has been developing for over 20 years now, as both companies have grown exponentially. Back in 1997, Iver’s range of services lacked the breadth we currently offer, and solutions were created on the fly in line with Blomsterlandet’s needs – solutions that are now part and parcel of Iver’s standard range of services. Blomsterlandet faces the same challenges as the rest of the retail sector and has been a contributory factor in Iver’s development of retail concepts and our extensive expertise in the area.  


The solution 

Working hand in hand with Blomsterlandet, Iver has developed a concept for use when a new Blomsterlandet store is about to open. Just before this happens, the IT Director sends a signal to Iver and their IT department can then easily set up a new store, or move an existing one. Blomsterlandet’s peak season is between weeks 12 and 24 – so during the weeks in question, Iver boosts its server capacity, heightens the support team’s readiness level, and assigns a higher priority to incoming tickets.   

The thing that has made our joint success possible is our partnership. We don’t regard Iver as a supplier, but as a partner, and as part of our IT operations. One of the key factors here is that Iver works closely with its customers and is responsive to their needs. They know our company well, and when new needs arise, they always present us with solutions that work best for us and have enabled us to get where we are today, says Marcus Paulsson, IT Director at Blomsterlandet.  

The services 

Many of the technicians who work with Blomsterlandet carry out site visits to the stores, increasing their understanding of the customer’s day-to-day operations and the challenges they face. This very close cooperation has enabled both Blomsterlandet and Iver to develop their operations.     

Another key factor in our partnership is that we work with a tight team at Iver. We’ve got to know each other well, and as a result, feel their substantial and personal commitment to our solutions, and that they have an in-depth understanding of our operations. It’s important that our personnel have confidence in both Iver and those of us working in the IT department. And the effect of our close partnership is that they feel secure and can focus on helping their customers and maintaining high levels of in-store efficiency, says Marcus. 

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