Sustainability is an integral part of Iver’s operations, and has been since “day one”, when the Group began conducting stakeholder dialogues and materiality analyses in order to draw up a new, shared sustainability strategy.

Interviews with customers, Board Members, and senior executives have, together with an employee survey, formed the basis of this work. And the result of this work is a strong platform with a clearly defined orientation, clearly stated ambitions, and a clearly mapped out way ahead for sustainability work throughout Iver.   

Focus areas 
Iver’s new sustainability strategy focuses on the following four areas:  

Responsibility and transparency 
We aim to be a decent employer and to choose partners who share our values. Our commercial ethics shall be of a high standard and we shall take responsibility for our impact on people, the economy, and the environment. 

Security and integrity 
Our position shall be that of thought leader in the fields of information security and customer integrity. Our customers expect our services to be available 24/7, 365 days/year, and for us to handle their information assets safely and securely. This is a responsibility we take with the utmost seriousness and we consequently work in a structured manner to prevent, identify, and eliminate threats in relation to information security. We have the courage to talk about the difficult issues arising from society’s increased digitisation – information security and integrity.  

Employees and inclusiveness 
We shall be regarded as one of the industry’s best workplaces for everyone – whatever their gender, background, or identity – and if we are to prosper and grow, it is vital that we succeed in attracting and retaining the best employees. We focus on creating a strong and inclusive corporate culture with an agreeable working climate, enhanced solidarity, and top-quality skill and career development.  

Sustainable services 
Our services shall provide quantifiable environmental benefits for our customers and progress them towards their sustainability goals. We shall use cutting edge energy efficiency solutions and 100% renewable energy to ensure our services help reduce our customers’ environmental footprint.   

Find out more about our sustainability work in our 2018 Sustainability Report (link to the Sustainability Report).  

Supporting society – Digital Hope (external link, pictures?) 
There is a gap between those who have access to information technology and those who do not. We often talk, in Sweden, about the digital gap between rural and urban areas, between young and old. But from a global perspective, the gaps are even wider. In rapidly developing emerging countries, the indigent children and young people who stand on the wrong side of this gap will be less able to support themselves and their families, and to enjoy their human rights. Iver’s sponsorship project, “Digital Hope”, aims to give indigent children and young people in emerging countries access to modern information technology and the expertise to use it by acting as the main sponsor for three schools. We launched our first partnership in 2010 with the English School of Mui Ne in Vietnam. In 2011, we launched a second school project  HOPE-VTI in Kenya, and in 2014, we expanded our programme to include a third school  HOPE-VTI in Uganda. 

What our customers say

“The thing that has made our joint success possible is our partnership. We don’t regard Iver as a supplier, but as a partner, and as part of our IT operations.”

Marcus Paulsson, IT Director at Blomsterlandet

"Iver are very responsive, work closely with their customers, and are passionate about giving us the solutions we need to develop our operations.”

Michael Quist, CIO at BRA

"We value the fact that Iver provides us with a stable, secure, and flexible environment that meets our requirements over time.”

Niclas Ölander, IT-chef at SERNEKE

"We value the fact that we have a service team dedicated to us, that our users can call the team directly and that they know all about us as a customer."

Anders Björklund, Infrastructure Operation Manager at Swegon

“We’re very happy with the service desk and are happy to see that Iver are just as proactive as we’d hoped they’d be. They listen to us and help us with new services as the need arises.”

Åsa Olsson, IT-chef at FAR

"We really appreciate the good, open, and proactive dialogue we have with our contact persons.”

Magnus Sundberg, CIO at Pema